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Top-3 weapons to play zombie lasertag! Choose your own!

Weapons versus zombies from alpha tag
AK-12 Irbis bg

AK-12 «Irbis» from alpha tag to play zombie tag

The series of taggers based on various modifications of Kalashnikovs is a business card of LASERWAR. The AK-12 IRBIS, STEEL edition game set follows the combat prototype, which is the latest weapon introduced to the army. The use of military plastic reduces the overall weight of the weapon, the steel body will make it unbeatable even under conditions of endless zombie apocalypse.

Guns versus zombies from classical laser tag
AK-12LT Predator bg

AK-12LT Predator Pro to play zombie tag

This is a classic game set from the LASERWAR company. The Predator was adopted for laser tag in 2014, it then passed tens of thousands of battles around the world and proved itself only in a good way. In the war with zombies, the classic AK-12LT will become an indispensable helper - a reliable tagger which is always ready to help.

Guns versus zombies from cyber tag
MP9-LT Phoenix bg

MP9-LT «Phoenix» from cyber tag to play zombie tag

To confront zombies in laser tag labyrinths, you need a light, compact, ergonomic and manoeuvrable weapon that will allow you to manoeuvre in narrow aisles, avoiding enemy attacks, and deal them significant damage. The MP9-LT Phoenix game set implemented in the "Cyber tag, Black edition" project will cope with that task better than other taggers.

from alpha tag
bg AK-12 Irbis

Gameset to play zombie laser tag
AK-12 «Irbis» «STEEL» series

Use the safety catch to turn the weapon on. Use the bolt to reload it. The Picatinny rails on the receiver lid and on top of the gas extraction tube allow for the installation of any collimator and telescope sights or other tactical additional equipment that will facilitate the fight against laser tag zombies.

No escape

Zombie tag scenario to play with «Irbis»

An unknown epidemic, like a tsunami, has attacked the whole world. No one has ever traced down the source of the infection, as a result of which people began to turn into bloodthirsty monsters. One thing was clear - outwardly, those creatures were practically no different from ordinary people. Only a bright green glow over the heads and a slow heavy breathing, followed by an animal roar, showed that they were real zombies.

zombie tag soldiers zombie tag soldiers
Stop the zombies!
AK-12 Irbis bg

АК-12 «Irbis» features

The ParallaX optical system, which does not differ externally from the standard muzzle brake, provides a confident target hit at a distance of 300 - 400 meters. Stylized as a suppressor the Prism provides a range of 170 - 230 meters.

Lithium accumulators with a capacity of 2.2 Ah provide, depending on the generation of electronics, from 8 to 30 hours of continuous operation.

Created on the basis of real models, the taggers became the embodiment of unsurpassed reliability and maximum efficiency. The AK-12 IRBIS game set, STEEL edition has proved itself in the best way in zombie laser tag fights.

from laser tag
Predator PRO
AK-12LT Predator bg

Gameset to play zombie tag

The weapon almost completely repeats the combat prototype, stands out by its impressive, entourage view. The weapons unique performance characteristics will leave similar taggers far behind.

Fight for live!
bg bg

Zombie tag scenario to play with AK-12LT «Predator»

Driven only by instinct, the zombies started hunting people. They couldn't use the guns, but it was more than compensated for by the increased endurance and damage, which made an encounter of one living dead man a question of life and death. A fighter who fell into the clutches of zombies could come back to life, losing his human image and replenishing the army of the walking dead.

Zombie lasertag fighter Zombie lasertag

AK-12LT «Predator» features

The weight is slightly more than one kilo. At the same time, the AK-12LT Predator is not very light and doesn't look like a toy. The light weight, compactness, ergonomics and convenience, as well as stylish design will allow the Predator to take its place in the laser tag arsenal of a zombie fighter.

AK-12LT Predator bg


The AK-12LT Predator PRO, special series is made of impact resistant plastic; the body combines lightness and unrivalled reliability. It will definitely survive more than one zombie apocalypse.

Power Source

The lithium accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah will provide from 8 to 30 hours of autonomous operation of the game set, depending on the generation of electronics. The ability to install an additional power supply will double this time and increase your chances of fighting against laser tag zombies.


The tagger weighs a little more than a kilogram and only 70 centimetres long. It will be an excellent laser tag weapon to fight zombies both in outdoor areas and in confined spaces.

«VISION» series

Optionally, the Predator can be supplemented with a modern OLED display, which will show key information about the fighter, in particular the number of remaining ammo and hp. The screen does not glare in the Sun and guarantees a bright image.

from cyber tag
MP-9LT Phoenix bg

Gameset to play zombie tag
MP9-LT «Phoenix» «SPECIAL»

The weapon is based on a unique model created by LASERWAR itself. In its creation, we were guided by the already existing samples of weapons: the MP-9 submachine gun of Austrian manufacture, as well as domestic PP-2000 and "Kashtan (Chestnut)". We took all the best from them.

MP-9LT Phoenix bg

MP9-LT «Phoenix» features

The body of the game set is made of polycarbonate, which is several times stronger than any ABS-plastic. Performance characteristics such as the length (39.5 cm), height (23 cm), weight (780 g) of the tagger have an optimal ratio. A laser tag fighter armed with the Phoenix will feel great in confined spaces - in rooms, narrow corridors, shelters.

Save them from zombies!

Zombie tag scenario to play with MP9-LT «Phoenix»

Not all zombies live on the streets. Among the walking dead there were those who were afraid of sunlight, lurking in dark labyrinths, basements, buildings. They adapted to life in confined spaces. But that wasn't the only thing that made them different from ordinary zombies.

Due to partially preserved reflexes, they knew how to fight using laser tag weapons. Having an increased endurance, the zombies from the labyrinth are very dangerous rivals. Besides, they don't need to get close to the target to attack. And the defeated fighter will soon rose from the dead and, radiating a sinister green glow, rush at the survivors.

Game scenario
MP-9LT Phoenix bg
Run away bg

The stylish and compact MP9-LT Phoenix, designed specifically for arena laser tag, will be equally convenient for adults and children. The ergonomically designed handles are comfortable in the hand, the soft bumper on the barrel will ensure the safety of players in the labyrinth.

Zombie decoration Zombie decoration

Choose the weapon that suits you best online at the laser tag store and survive the zombie apocalypse!